Animals everywhere!

We all love animals and feel very attracted by them. Every animal lives in a habitat which is the name for their local environment. Forests are habitats for more than 80 per cent of terrestrial animals  that’s why we must take care of them.

Some animals are in danger of extinction. Some of the reasons are deforestation and desertification caused by human activities and climate change.

Some important people at Unesco consider this an important global issue and state that all the people in the world have to try to find solutions to this problem!

See more at: Sustainable development Global goals. Goal 15

Driving question:

                “How can we save wildlife around the world?”

We are going to work on this project through three perspectives:

Individual: Are there any pets at home? Is your pet similar or different from your friend´s?

Local: What do you know about animals in your country? What are the typical animals in our country? Where do they live? Are they in danger of extinction?

Global: What animals are in danger of extinction in other parts of the world? What are their habitats like? How can we help them? How can we help the world?