“My name is Lucila Di Paolo. I live in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I am first grade teacher. I love kids and education.Teaching is my passion! You can find me at @MissLuliNLS1





I’m Anabela Gentile, I teach 1st grade students in Colegio Newlands, Buenos Aires, Argentina. I want to share what my students are working on in class. You can find me at@MissAnnieNLS1






                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        “I’m Viviana Lopez Larretchart, Primary Head in Colegio Newlands, in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I’m highly interested in global collaborative projects, global perspectives and pFullSizeRender (4)roviding memorable learning opportunities to our kids. 

If you want to contact me, I am at @vivilopez2 or it could be great to consider participating in the community I moderate Bringing the world into the classroom