Adding up Pets in Minnesota

 Can you count how many pets there are in Mrs Heikes´class?
Are there  unusual pets in this chart?


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Kids in Minnesota will soon tell us about having HORSES as pets in their place!

Can you imagine having a  Horse pet in your house?

Could this be possible? Why? Why not?

Taylor has 6 horses and they are kept at the farm where they live. One horse is hers, one is her sisters, and the other 4 belong to her whole family. She shows her horse for 4H, an organization for youth in the US.

Taylor is here with her horse, Shania.  She is being judged for 4H.




Peeping at Mrs Heikes´Classroom

Minnesota is in USA. The Minnesota state nickname is “The North Star State” . Minnesota  borders in the north with California and it has almost 90,000 miles of shoreline, which is greater than the shorelines of California, Florida and Hawaii combined together!

This is the State Flag


Here we meet Mrs Heikes´class. These lovely kids live in Minnesota and attend grade 1

Mrs. Heikes' Class Hutchinson, MN

Soon we will get to know about their pets and about their local animals!